About Us

The European All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (EASI®) is a 'not for profit' organisation tasked to deliver a programme of safety education, training and awareness for ATV riders (sit astride) and SbS (side by side sit in seat configuration) Operators in the UK. EASI's primary goal is to promote the safe and responsible use of ATVs & SbS's thereby reducing the number of accidents and injuries that may result from improper operation. EASI offers the following training services:

  •  ATV (sit astride) EASI Rider Training Courses
  • SbS (side by side sit in seat configuration) EASI Driver Training Courses
  • QVC Generic Loading Towing and Reversing (GLTR) module
  • Corporate Training
  • Coaching Qualifications
  • Specialist ATV & SbS services
  • ATV & SbS Dealer Education Programmes
  • Environmental Awareness