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Rider Safety

ATVs are fun but without taking the proper safety precautions accidents can, and do, happen. It is therefore vital that all ATV users, whatever their age or experience, follow the basic and common-sense safety rules when riding an ATV.

Most importantly ALL ATV users should learn to ride safely by taking an EASI Rider Training Course as recommended by the leading six ATV manufacturers, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, BRP and Yamaha.
If you buy a new or used ATV from one of these manufacturers via an authorised UK dealer you may be eligible for either FREE or highly subsidised EASI Rider training, subject to qualifying terms, conditions and availability.
Even experienced ATV riders appreciate a refresher course to remind them why they should always wear protective personal equipment and how to carry out a pre-ride machine check.
See below for 
EASI's Golden Rules of ATV Safety
Advice about Protective Personal Equipment


1. Take an EASI Rider ATV safety training course.

2. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear.

3. Read your machine’s Owners Manual and familiarise yourself with the importance of all warning labels displayed on your ATV.

4. Avoid paved surfaces.

5. Never ride on public roads unless your machine is a Quadricycle that has been specifically manufactured for this purpose and complies with the relevant type approval code for that particular model of Quadricycle and you hold the correct type of Driving Licence and Insurance.

6. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

7. Never carry a passenger unless your machine has been specifically designed and manufactured to do so.

8. Ride an ATV that’s right for your age and experience.

9. Supervise riders younger than 16; ATVs are not toys.

10. Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed.