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Lantra Awards Technical Award in 4x4 Off Road Driving (Recreational)

Product code: CLVF02X

Locations available: Llandrindod Wells, Bala

Price: Please enquire

Included: Training, Use of 4x4 vehicle, Full PPE, Insurance, Lunch, Certificate


Summary / introduction: 

For the recreational user who uses the vehicle in a non professional capacity. A non assessed course providing training on a lesser level of terrain (nursery and intermediate slopes only). All sessions to be completed.

Target audience: 

Any person who is will be required to operate a 4x4 vehicle in an off road environment. All learners must be able to demonstrate that they are competent in driving normal vehicles in a road situation and hold a current driving licence.


There are three courses in the 4x4 suite, professional, recreational and experienced user. All sessions are to be completed for each course, the recreational training will be completed on a lesser level of terrain (nursery and intermediate slopes only) and there will be no assessment, the experienced user training will put emphasis on sessions where there is a requirement for more training, this course will be assessed.

The aim of the assessment is to ensure successful learners have adequate knowledge and understanding to operate 4x4s safely, that is they have received and understood the training. It is only through experience and practice you will become proficient enabling them to operate safely in a range of situations avoiding undue risks.

Product objectives: 

  • Identify risks associated with using a 4x4 vehicle off road.
  • Select and use a
  • Comply with legal requirements emphasising safe practice.
  • ppropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Understand the main causes of accidents.
  • Identify the controls and components of the vehicle.
  • Perform pre-start checks.
  • Prepare the vehicle for use off road.
  • Assess the suitability of the ground/route.
  • Identify and report faults.
  • Perform a failed hill climb.
  • Drive over a variety of terrain (appropriate to the vehicle type).
  • Perform an on-site risk assessment.
  • Identify the loading/towing capacities.
  • Understand legal and practical requirements for off road driving
  • Identify the dangers of vehicle self recovery.

Course sessions:

  • Health and Safety
  • Four wheel drive vehicles
  • Traction
  • Transmission  
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Basic driving techniques
  • Vehicle recovery

Course / product type: Training Course

Assessment type: Training Only

Language: English

Duration: 1 Day

Min number of learners: 1

Max number of learners: 3


For more information or to book a course call


 0843 506 5432